Corkscrew Confiscated at Airport in Paris

FlyerTalk members open up and whine about security personnel at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris allegedly confiscating a corkscrew from FlyerTalk member jpmcdonough on 2 February 2009, prompting the belief that France cracks down on corkscrews.

What better day than on Valentine’s Day is there to discuss a FlyerTalk topic regarding a tool related to opening a bottle of wine by uncorking it? How romantic!

Anyway, FlyerTalk members are known not to screw around and keep things bottled up, and drinking in on this topic is no exception as nobody seems to get the point of this alleged crackdown. The discussion goes through its twists and turns, but apparently, transporting a corkscrew through an airport in France is a pour idea, as it can be a real pane in the glass these days…

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