Could Hotels Use the Bed Which Makes Itself?

“Making the bed after getting up is a daily chore. Although it might seem a minor one, it has the character of a ritual that must be carried out, so much so that many people are simply unable to leave the home without having made their bed and this often gives rise to conflicts and arguments between parents and children. It’s a proven fact that for many people making their bed after getting up can be a tiresome, even painful task; sometimes out of sheer habit, other times because one is in a hurry and lacks time.”

That is part of the marketing message of a new “smart bed” which makes itself in only 50 seconds as manufactured by a company called OHEA; and here is a video demonstrating this technology:

Could Hotels Use the Bed Which Makes Itself?

From digital keys to robotic bellhops to virtual transporters, the lodging industry is known for implementing new technology — some of which could potentially replace employees in the future. Imagine if the lodging companies find out that there is a bed which can make itself. Could the day ever arrive where you leave your bed in the morning — only to have it made?

At least you would not feel as compelled by an envelope to leave a gratuity for the housekeeping staff, who would still have to clean the room. Just do not drink from the glasses.


The video was posted greater than four years ago; so the lodging industry might have caught on by now if it were indeed a viable solution. Besides, I could not find at this time how much this bed costs — although it does come with two complete sets of bedding: two comforters, two bottom sheets, and four small pillowcases which allows the bedding to be exchanged.

I do not meant to say this as a blanket statement; but this technology is full of sheet — as in that it is more of a solution in search of a problem. Imagine if the mechanics of this bed malfunctioned: how much would the repairs cost? Can you miss your meeting because your hotel bed experienced irregular operations?

The scenario is probably not possible; but is there a possibility of the bed accidentally making itself while a person is still sleeping in it?

An arguably better solution — although not everyone will agree — has existed for hundreds of years:

Simply do not make the bed.

Problem solved.

Source: OHEA.

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