Could Transit Elevated Bus or LucyPhone Make Your Life Easier?

T echnology can potentially save time and effort — or it can be little more than a nuisance — and in addition to the options of technology for people to meet other people while they are traveling, two types of new or updated technology are highlighted in this article.

Transit Elevated Bus

The Transit Elevated Bus — invented in China — is designed to bypass traffic jams and clogged highways and streets by simply gliding over them on its own protected tracks; and it seems like a rather ingenious concept, as seen in this video

…but although this technology appears to be promising, I do see some potential limitations and issues — such as:

  • What happens when traffic blocks the exposed unprotected areas of the track; or there is an accident as shown as an example in the video? Is the Transit Elevated Bus suddenly rendered useless?
  • Even though the footprint of the tracks is minimal, is there still a chance that some roads might lose a lane, which could potentially create more traffic problems?
  • Will service be plentiful and convenient enough that the Transit Elevated Bus will indeed convince many drivers to use it and thereby help to significantly reduce traffic on the streets and highways?
  • Will the tracks confine the Transit Elevated Bus to limited use as similar to trains, where — unlike buses — a route cannot be simply changed?
  • Will some streets along the route be wide enough to accommodate the Transit Elevated Bus?
  • What if there is a power outage?
  • Is the Transit Elevated Bus really nimble enough to manage tight corners when turning?
  • Despite the ability to lower the tracks, will certain impediments — such as power lines and overpasses — present a logistical problem to ensure that the height of the Transit Elevated Bus will indeed fit?


You call an airline or a lodging company about a problem or an issue. You are either not a member of its frequent flier loyalty program; or you have not earned elite level status…

…and suddenly, you are on hold — listening to music which grates at you, peppered with messages about how important your call is to the company and to please not hang up, as your call will be answered shortly…

…as in 78 minutes.

Although some airlines do give you the option of having a representative call you back when the hold has expired and your turn has arrived, other companies — whether or not they are in the travel industry — do not have that option; but you have other things to do and you want to speak to a live person. You do not want to spend your valuable time waiting on hold on the telephone.

Enter LucyPhone, which purports to “connect you to the company. If you get put on hold, press * * and we will wait in your spot for you. When your call reaches an agent, you will get a call back.”

The company — based in Richmond — claims to have saved greater than 82 years of hold time since it went into service.

I have not personally tried this free service; but one potential problem might be that the company which placed your call on hold might not respond favorably to a computer taking your place and may ultimately disconnect the call — resulting in you losing your place in the queue.

Still, using LucyPhone is free of charge — so the next time you do not want to be placed on hold during a telephone call to speak to a representative of a company, you might want to consider using this service.


Whether you will proclaim “I love Lucy” or think that you are literally above being stuck in traffic, these technologies offer potential to enhance — not in the airline sense — our lives; but I believe that there may be issues which still need to be resolved in order for that to happen.

Imagine if the Transit Elevated Bus used human waste as an energy source like this bus

Source: BZM Innovation Technology.

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