Crazy Video of Road Rage Incident: Car Runs Over Motorcycle With Two Occupants On It

A s a reader of The Gate, you know I rarely use words such as crazy when describing a story; but this incident of road rage where a car runs over motorcycle with two occupants on it at United States Highway 41 at County Line Road in Pasco County in Florida yesterday afternoon was unbelievable.

Car Runs Over Motorcycle

A man and woman were knocked off of the motorcycle and stood up afterwards, indicating that their injuries were minor at best.

“Abe Garcia posted the video and shared it with News Channel 8”, according to this article from the television news station, which has the video. “He says the people on the bikes are veterans and for this incident to happen on Memorial Day is a shame.”

Robert Paul Vance was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon; leaving the scene of a crash involving injury; and driving without a valid license. Vance — who is 31 years old — was labeled by the Florida Highway Patrol as a “habitual traffic offender.”


Unless his life was in imminent danger, there was absolutely no reason or excuse for Vance to run over the motorcycle with his car. I was surprised that he was not charged with attempting to commit homicide, as what he did was simply reckless with no regard for human life.

This incident is an excellent reminder to do whatever you can to avoid becoming involved in a road rage occurrence when traveling and driving. Please read this article which gives advice as to seven tips on how to avoid road rage.

Source of photograph of Robert Paul Vance: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

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