Creative Ways to Spice Up Food While On The Go?

H ow creative can you get with food when you are at an airport or aboard an airplane as a passenger?

Jennifer Moody of the Jetsetter’s Homestead weblog purchased two ordinary hard-boiled eggs at a tiny vendor — part convenience store, part newsstand — at an airport and quickly created deviled eggs from them by mixing a “packet of pickle relish and a half packet each of mustard and mayo with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, all courtesy of the hot dog condiments and mixed together with the yolks of the eggs” and spooned the contents back into the hollowed-out egg whites.

This reminded me of a now-famous “recipe” which had been posted in numerous different discussions on FlyerTalk for years about how to create a mock “key lime pie” — and here is one variation of that “recipe” provided by FlyerTalk member mikemiescke: “Ask for some biscoff cookies, a lime, and a coffee creamer. Put a little creamer on the cookie, squeeze some lime juice on it and bingo!”

Another variation calls for skipping the coffee creamer altogether.

In an age where the food options for passengers assigned to seats in the economy class cabin are non-existent on domestic flights within the United States — and not always much better on international flights, depending on the airline — you may have found that you need to grab your food on the go but are tired of repeatedly eating the same bland food.

To get your creativity with food going, here are some ideas about how typical fast food items can be converted to look like fancy hors d’oeuvres — even though no new recipes have been added to that Internet web site since February 16, 2012.

Sadly, I am not that creative when it comes to food while aboard an airplane or at an airport — which means that this is where you come in: what ideas do you have to be creative with food while at an airport or aboard an airplane?

Photograph ©2014 by Jennifer Moody.

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