Crediting Sources Should Apply as Often as Possible

K athy Kass — who is an attorney by trade — has pledged in this article that effective immediately at Will Run For Miles, she will credit the originators of airfare deals and not what she calls “feed the copycats.”

I applaud her pledge — but is that going far enough?

Crediting Sources Should Apply as Often as Possible

I have some unwritten rules pertaining to writing articles at The Gate. One rule is that I rarely post articles pertaining to airfare deals, with the main reason being that I do not want to be responsible for “killing” a deal in case it is an airfare or hotel room rate which was posted in error. Yes, it probably leaves many “views” of The Gate “on the table” — but it is still a conundrum for me: do I not write about deals so as not to assist in them expiring sooner than later; or do I write about them so that you would know about them and give you a chance to get in on them? This is not a rhetorical question; so please feel free to opine in the Comments section below.

The second rule is to attempt to credit the source as accurately as possible. I searched for local sources when reporting on the recent massacre in Orlando; and for this article, I used the Orlando Sentinel as a source. If I find out about a source through another means of media, I will credit both the source and where I first found out about the story — such as in this article as to whether or not you should feel guilty snagging a deal to Orlando.

Sometimes I am not always successful at finding the actual source of information; so I will use respected news outlets such as the Associated Press or Reuters; but in as many articles as possible, I also prefer to credit the writers by name.

As Kathy Kass might have found out — more often than not — finding the sources for information does not consume much more time; and the information is more credible when an actual source is linked.

The third rule is that I prefer to use my own images, graphics and composite art with article which I write as often as possible.

I do not like when colleagues of mine do not properly credit the sources of their information.


I am not going to comment pertaining to the allegations of where certain weblogs get their information pertaining to deals and whether or not they are “copycats”; but I do believe that all forms of media should be as accurate as possible when it comes to dispensing information — and practice proper accreditation — as often as possible. The reader — you — should have the option as to whether you want to check the original source of the information being presented to you.

I am not perfect by any means; but I strive anyway, just the same.

In the meantime — as you might have noticed — I am starting to work on posting more trip reports, which is often the best form of original information; and I am preparing to take you from Slovenia to Botswana to who knows where after that.

Slovenia and Botswana: now those are two countries which I never thought would be included in the same thought…

Photographs and composite image ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

5 thoughts on “Crediting Sources Should Apply as Often as Possible”

  1. Ryan says:

    Well I don’t need you to post about deals/mistakes in order to read your blog pretty much daily. I have other sources to keep up on hot deals and such anyway. But if you decide to start posting about deals, I wouldn’t have a problem with it either.

    I’ve been considering a Botswana trip actually…

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I will be more than happy to answer whatever questions you might have about Botswana, Ryan — but I purposely did not go on safari there because I was on safari in Kenya only weeks earlier.

      I have already posted one article on my short visit to Gaborone — I do not know if you read it yet:

  2. Rjb says:

    Please don’t write about Slovenia. I don’t want anyone else to go there and ruin it for us! Lol

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I get your point, Rjb — similar to the people of Seattle not wanting me to say that it does not always rain there and that there are more days of beautiful weather than people believe.

      Oops — sorry, people of Seattle…

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