Cruise to Antarctica: Up to 25% Off On Select Voyages; $800 Off of Airfare

R eceive a discount of either 25 percent off of a premium cabin or 15 percent off of a non-premium cabin on your choice of three cruises to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions during the holiday season; plus get a bonus of an air credit worth $800.00 to use towards your airfare — but you must book your reservation with a deposit by September 15, 2014.

The three voyages included in this offer are listed below, with links added for your convenience:


Triple occupancy cabins are excluded from this promotion. This offer can only be combined with the Past Passenger discount — no other discounts will apply. This offer applies to the voyage only and is not applicable on adventure options, additional hotel accommodation, pre/post, insurance or flights. Space is limited and offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Other terms and conditions apply.

If you have been a regular reader of The Gate for at least the past few years, you probably know that one of my dream trips would be a trip to Antarctica where I can actually sleep overnight on the mainland of the continent — preferably at the South Pole — as Antarctica is the only continent to which I have yet to visit. Once again, I am unable to do so at this time. If I did go, I of course would ensure that I would take plenty of photographs and video of my experience…

…but since I cannot seem to go at this time, I am hoping that you can take advantage of this offer.

Photograph of the Ocean Diamond vessel courtesy of Quark Expeditions.

2 thoughts on “Cruise to Antarctica: Up to 25% Off On Select Voyages; $800 Off of Airfare”

  1. Jeffrey Maguire says:

    My husband and I went with Quark a few years ago and absolutely loved it. We did the Explorer tour with the Ocean Diamond. We paid around $4500USD, but booked 9 months in advance. Also, now the ship is prohibited from using heavy diesel due to environmental concerns and thus we were told that every cruise after ours would be 10-20 percent more expensive. Oh, and you can camp with them, and we paid for it, but inclement weather prevented us from doing it.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Would you return to Antarctica again despite the price increase and the possible inclement weather so that you can experience camping out on the continent, Jeffrey Maguire?

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