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Should there be a dating forum within FT? Some FlyerTalk members adamantly say “yes”, while others vehemently claim that FlyerTalk is not an Internet web site dating service.

Still, FlyerTalk members seem to enjoy discussing and inquiring about dating, as relationships are apparently important to a number of FlyerTalk members. Proof of this can be found in what is by no means an exhaustive list of threads with dating as the topic:

5 thoughts on “Dating Discussion and Advice”

  1. reamworks says:

    YES, but it should be flying-related. So only dating between Flight Attendants and civilians.

  2. stimpy says:

    Flyertalk is already a dating website. What do you think Do’s are! It’s a very popular singles concept. I don’t think any changes are needed. Lots of people have hooked up on Flyertalk, and some have even married.

  3. I work all the time and have very little time to date. At the age of 40, I deceided it is time to concentrate more on my social life than my career. I don’t want to remain single forever! I am soaking up all the dating tips and advice I can get. Great information here. Keep up the good work! Internet Dating Advice for the modern man

  4. I like your point of view.

  5. Beth says:

    It’s nice to find a quality blog post. I enjoy many of the blog posts on your site.

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