Debate: Does Dubai Deserve Being Dubbed With the Dubious Distinction of Being Overrated?

I have never been to Dubai but I have heard great things about it, which is what attracted me to the Anyone else feel that Dubai is completely overrated? thread.

Would you consider going on vacation or holiday there? Perhaps you would rather go shopping there. Maybe you are considering moving to and living in Dubai. Apparently, some FlyerTalk members would rather say “goodbye” and do by Dubai due by the culture and environment there.

Do not desert this topic by sticking your head in the sand. Instead, please find out what fellow FlyerTalk members opine, comment on, recommend and suggest regarding a trip to Dubai by reading that thread. There is quite a gulf regarding the differences in opinions with some FlyerTalk members. Please post your opinions and experiences in that thread, if you have any, as the information you may have just might be helpful to others considering traveling to Dubai.

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