Delta Air Lines Announces Non-Stop Service to Iceland

The fact that Delta announces Keflavik service positions Delta Air Lines to be the only United States carrier to serve Iceland from the United States with non-stop daily flights that include a true business class product between New York and Keflavik. Furthermore, passengers will eventually be able to travel to Iceland from Minneapolis/St. Paul as well.

Those FlyerTalk members who earn miles on SkyTeam Alliance airlines appear to be elated with this news.

Of course, no matter how well Delta Air Lines services this route, it cannot beat this US$61.00 airfare to Iceland, which has since expired long ago…

One thought on “Delta Air Lines Announces Non-Stop Service to Iceland”

  1. Wednesday says:

    I do hope that the Delta pilots are trained by the same people training the Icelandair pilots. The weather I’ve experienced in my travel to Iceland calls for extra experience in landing in high winds, horizontal rain, and low visibility. It’s incredible what they can do because whenever I’ve exited KEF airport, my entire body is nearly thrown to the ground in the high winds and rain. This is not an airport to be messed with; no newbies should be at the controls in or out of Iceland.

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