Delta Air Lines Memphis Traffic to Be Cut By 25%

When Memphis International Airport became a hub for Delta Air Lines as a result of its merger with Northwest Airlines, some frequent fliers expected a reduction in traffic as a result, while others hoped that Memphis would offer relief to Atlanta, the busiest airport in the world and the main hub of Delta Air Lines.

Those who predicted a reduction in traffic were correct, as per an announcement released by Delta Air Lines — but is this news really as bad as it sounds? It depends on one’s point of view and to where one travels from Memphis.

In addition to the approximately 25% reduction in flights to and from Memphis, in which This will hit MEM hard, Delta Air Lines will also retire some CRJ-50 regional jet aircraft.

Could this reduction in flights give Southwest Airlines a potential stronghold in Memphis? Does this reduction in flights mean higher fares and full airplanes in the future for those who fly in and out of Memphis? Will any further reductions in flights be implemented by Delta Air Lines in the future?

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