Delta Air Lines New Reservation System to Be Released As Soon As Tomorrow?

Delta Air Lines Ship 638 backs out of the hangar in Atlanta only hours after being the first aircraft to sport the new livery of Delta Air Lines, unveiled on April 30, 2007. Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

Not long after the launch of the new pricing display to the reservation system of American Airlines this past Wednesday, there is word that Delta Air Lines will supposedly launch a new reservation system of its own as soon as tomorrow — and because the testing of the new reservation system currently does not yet work as it was envisioned, end-users of that new system should expect glitches, as experienced with the launch of the overhaul of the official Internet web site of Delta Air Lines last month.
We understand that the name of the new reservations system is called “AXIS”, which is expected to replace the current reservation system of Delta Air Lines. Due to the increased time of an additional two to three minutes expected to complete a reservation for a customer after the launch and during the transition to the new reservation system, reservation call center agents who are under pressure and concerned about completing each customer call within an expected certain time frame may actually be frustrated enough to “give up and move on to the next call” to avoid missing their targeted time per call, according to one of our sources who asked to remain anonymous.
If the new reservation system by Delta Air Lines is indeed released tomorrow morning, expect to experience frustration whether you book your reservation via telephone or the official Internet web site of Delta Air Lines, as the airline was apparently under pressure to release the new reservation system sooner rather than later. In the event that this does happen and you have a reservation which does not need to be booked on Delta Air Lines right away, I recommend you wait until FlyerTalk members report increased reliability in booking airline tickets on Delta Air Lines before you book your ticket.

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