Source: Delta Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines to Give Complimentary Care Kits to Passengers Aboard Airplanes

If you will be a passenger on an airplane operated by Delta Air Lines and do not have a mask with you, fear not: effective as of Friday, June 5, 2020, you will receive a complimentary care kit upon request at either the ticket counter or gate to comply with the requirement by the airline of wearing a mask or covering for your face while simultaneously enjoying a purported extra layer of protection throughout their travel.

Delta Air Lines to Give Complimentary Care Kits to Passengers Aboard Airplanes

Included in the complimentary care kit will be the following items:

Source: Delta Air Lines.

“Our survey data showed a clear desire for these kits and we have a bias toward action when we see new trends emerge” Bill Lentsch — who is the chief customer experience officer — was quoted as saying in this article written by Joe Warpinski at Delta News Hub. “As more people begin to consider traveling in the months ahead, ensuring their safety at all steps of their journey remains our top priority.”

This test comes as a supposed rapid response to customer feedback — according to a recent survey of customers, receiving a complimentary care kit weighed heavily on their decision to travel. Delta Air Lines “is leaning on its data-driven approach to customer experience, listening, testing and refining to make sure we’re delivering on the aspects of travel that customers say matter most.”

Delta Air Lines requires that all customers wear face coverings during travel effective as of Monday, May 4, 2020 in accordance with best practice guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The testing of complimentary care kits demonstrates another way in which Delta Air Lines is working to adapt quickly to changing customer demand during the pandemic.

Click here for additional information about the measures which Delta Air Lines is taking to protect customers and employees as it considers itself “setting the standard” in the commercial aviation industry.


Despite their insistence and strong language, airlines by law in the United States cannot force you to wear a mask or covering for your face. I intend to cover that aspect more in a future article here at The Gate.

If you happen to be a passenger of a flight which is operated by Delta Air Lines anyway after Friday, June 5, 2020, this is a great way to secure a complimentary mask for your face; but I am not — and never have been — completely convinced that wearing one reduces the chance of other people of contracting the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Otherwise, you can get a free mask for your face if you donate blood at a facility operated by the American Red Cross if you are not traveling anytime soon — and you could be saving at least one life in the process.

Source: Delta Air Lines.

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