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Delta Air Lines Unacceptable Response to Customer May 2022 on Twitter

Calm down.

With almost 250 flights canceled today alone, Saturday, May 28, 2022, the customer service agents who officially represent Delta Air Lines during what is becoming a frustrating Memorial Day weekend seem to be feeling the pressure, as at least one of them allegedly snapped back at a customer who has supposedly been waiting on the telephone on hold for greater than two hours.

Delta Air Lines Unacceptable Response to Customer May 2022 on Twitter

When a person who identifies as Edo @ocarroll51 posted on Twitter the following message: “Waiting for Daisy at @delta to make things right?!?! What is happening??? @delta ??”, the response from Delta Air Lines at its official Twitter account was this message:

Can you calm down and allow me some time to work please ??

The problem was eventually resolved to the satisfaction of Edo @ocarroll51 — but not without criticism from others on how this part of the issue was handled.

Twitter user FromMyWindow5408 wrote that “@delta as an air line has lost their way. Management took their eye off the keep climbing ball and went into free fall. Issue #1 is the pilots. Kudos for whomever convinced management to reduce their schedule to a size they can operate.”

The reaction of Twitter user Mike Mihelich was, “Wow @delta that comment sure doesn’t make you look good, and I am a loyal customer, but you guys have been really bad in the last month. Telling a customer to calm down is pretty unacceptable. Especially what most customers are going thru with you guys as of late. Poor service”

Other reactions by Twitter users abounded — as well as in this discussion on FlyerTalk.

In the event that any part of that discussion is deleted, the screen shot of it appears below.

Source: Twitter.

Additionally, service will be reduced by approximately 100 flights per day by Delta Air Lines effective as of Friday, July 1, 2022 — primarily in markets which are frequently served by Delta Air Lines in the United States and Latin America region — in order to minimize disruptions and “bounce back faster when challenges occur”; and the decreased service will be in effect through Sunday, August 7, 2022…

…so expect more problems and issues — and frustration.

Final Boarding Call

I have actually visited the social media department of Delta Air Lines in person; and the group is comprised of professional employees who have responded to customers in a timely manner. They also monitor weblogs, FlyerTalk, and various social media channels on multiple computer screens to keep track of how the airline is discussed and to mitigate whatever problems or issues may arise.

In this case, the response from Delta Air Lines was uncharacteristically unacceptable and unprofessional, in my opinion. I do not care how many flights have been canceled or how many flights have been delayed — or whether the employee in question is stressed for whatever reason. When a customer is experiencing a problem or issue that is apparently the fault of the company and not of the customer, the company has an obligation to ensure that everything is right again and that the customer becomes whole, which eventually did happen in this case…

…and a person who is employed in a position which faces customers must do everything reasonably possible to professionally resolve issues for the customer who is not at fault.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

  1. I think that was a great, non hostile, controlled reply, requesting patience on the part of the customer. The customer service representative could easily have been waspish, or angry. She indicated that she was actively working on the problem. Some of us may not realize, if there is a long wait time, there can be overloaded internal systems.

  2. I think it’s wrong to take screenshots of Twitter and repost them. If someone wants to reconsider they should be able to. People are too quick to shame others in public this day, which also happens to be a sin according to our Rulebook.

  3. Ha this showed up in my feed – too many people opining on what was a passing comment from one of how many hundred of customer service agents. Let them do their job and if you don’t like it, pick one of the other non perfect, aggravating airlines out there. Badgering on social media is so passé and boring.

  4. Nice gaslighting, once again. If you actually read the thread, the same OP thanked Daisy from Delta for finally resolving her issue. The tweet was clearly made in jest and meant to be humorous. But you wouldn’t know funny would you.

  5. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that reply from Delta. I realize people get frustrated and they love to just say what they want to say on social media and think that tagging in tantrums will get them better service. But there’s also such things called being courteous and allowing someone to do their job and it’s quite clear that this person had unrealistic expectations. Yes maybe I’m a staunch defender of Delta as a diamond medallion member I really have to wait to speak to someone and when I do I don’t throw a hissy fit. I’m grateful for their customer service I realize they’re in a bad spot right now just like many other airlines that’s a risk you take in this business now. Come to think of it it’s 1:30 in the morning and I just waited 20 minutes in line at McDonald’s because they’re so shorthanded to get a Diet Coke did I yell at the clerk know. I thanked her profusely for being there and told her how much I appreciate it.

  6. I think Delta was trying to be funny. The Delta tweeter was pretending to be Daisy and obviously the chances of that tweeter being Daisy are almost zero. I think it’s hilarious, as is the reaction.

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