Delta SkyMiles Members Angry Over Alleged Redemption Increases in Asia

Not able to find definitive information anywhere regarding an increase in the redemption of Delta Air Lines SkyMiles for award travel on flights within Asia, FlyerTalk member CIPAS asked “Anymore info on recent redemption increase for intra-asia?

When Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program members — especially those based in Asia — found out that the cost for a trip between Tokyo and Singapore increased from 20,000 to 45,000 SkyMiles, most of them reacted with enough anger to spread the word.

At the time this was posted on The Gate, officials at Delta Air Lines had not yet confirmed with an actual announcement of the new worldwide SkyMiles award chart, which apparently angered SkyMiles members even more than the actual redemption increase itself — so much so that a movement to call attention to Delta Air Lines via various methods seems to be gaining momentum, while others are furious enough to accuse Delta Air Lines of engaging in questionable business practices.

Many FlyerTalk members are actually wondering if this is one way in which Delta Air Lines Seeks Premium Status in Asia, and if they are paying the price for it regarding the alleged increase in the redemption of SkyMiles on intra-Asia flights as a result?

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