Delta Staff Reunites Shirt of Deceased Father With Boy

I know I have been rather negative regarding the commercial aviation industry in general — perhaps deservedly so. However, I also like to write about heartwarming stories such as this one that will probably move even the most cynical of people pertaining to their perception of airlines.
More specifically, it is about how employees of Delta Air Lines literally rummaged through garbage in order to reunite a boy with the shirt of his deceased father.
Brian Holzer wore the shirt in question while hanging decorative lights for the Christmas holiday at home in North Dakota in 2010 — only to die at the age of 34 as a result of a tragic fall. Ever since then, Cole — who is seven years of age and the son of Holzer — has been clinging the worn yet treasured shirt which his father wore when he died, as the shirt is a symbol of comfort and a tangible connection to his father. Cole carries the shirt everywhere he goes — including to San Diego on March 27, 2013 as a passenger on an aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines.
Cole accidentally left the shirt on the airplane and did not realize it until after he and his family left the airport in San Diego.
A friend of the family in Fargo contacted Delta Air Lines and reportedly tearfully begged a representative of Delta Air Lines to find the shirt in question.
An impromptu hunt suddenly began to find the shirt, involving many employees of Delta Air Lines — including ticket agents, cleaning crews, ground crews and even a pilot — until one member of the ground crew found the shirt in the garbage.
Cole and his mother Tonya picked up the shirt at the airport.
If the story is not enough to move you, I dare you to watch this video — courtesy of ABC News — without a tear forming in your eye:

Here is a tissue.
Those employees of Delta Air Lines who took the time and effort to recover the cherished shirt should be commended for their actions. Well done!

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  1. tadair says:

    What a wonderful outcome. Kudos to Delta for their efforts on this. And yes, I did need a tissue.

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