Delta, US Airways, Private Capital Firm All Considering Purchase of Parent of American Airlines?

FlyerTalk members are talking about the rumors that Delta Air Lines, US Airways and private equity firm TPG Capital are all considering bids to purchase AMR corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, which recently filed for bankruptcy protection.
If AMR Corporation actually agreed to be purchased by either US Airways or Delta Air Lines, it would still require the approval of the creditors of AMR Corporation and a judge. There are many hurdles and obstacles ahead before any takeover option could even come close to reality.
What does all of this mean? Well, nothing at the moment — at least, in my opinion anyway. However, that does not stop FlyerTalk members from speculating on a number of different scenarios, reasons and outcomes related to this news.
Some of the many questions which are raised include:

  • If Delta Air Lines or US Airways — a SkyTeam alliance member and a Star Alliance member respectively — successfully purchase AMR Corporation, does American Airlines leave the oneworld alliance? If so, would the oneworld alliance be without an airline based in the United States, or could airlines such as US Airways if Delta Air Lines is successful with the takeover bid, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines or jetBlue be solicited to join the oneworld alliance?
  • How would US Airways — still struggling to unify itself years after its merger with America West Airlines — be able to integrate American Airlines seamlessly should it be successful in bidding for AMR Corporation?
  • Is Delta Air Lines interested in this takeover bid to regain its title as the world’s largest commercial airline, after that title was taken away by the merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines?
  • What would be the ramifications of a private equity firm such as TPG Capital owning an airline, especially when there are FlyerTalk members who feel that the Blackstone Group — the same private equity firm which advised Delta Air Lines during its bankruptcy and its merger with Northwest Airlines — was detrimental to Hilton Worldwide since its purchase of the hotel company?
  • Could Delta Air Lines be mulling a bid for AMR Corporation primarily to potentially raise the price and prohibit US Airways from being in the running?

For additional speculation and conjecture, FlyerTalk members opine in the following discussions:

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