Delta Vouchers to Become More Restrictive to Use

There are numerous reports that — as of tomorrow, December 15 — if you are voluntarily “bumped” from a flight on Delta Air Lines, the voucher you receive cannot be combined with any other voucher you may have. In other words, you will be permitted to use only one voucher per Delta Air Lines flight instead of combining multiple vouchers to be used on a single Delta Air Lines flight.
Furthermore, vouchers issued by Delta Air Lines will no longer be transferable as well — if your name is on the voucher, then only you can use the voucher.
So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, nothing if you are rarely “bumped” from a flight, or not “bumped” at all — and nothing if only you plan to use the vouchers.
If, however, you are bumped frequently, this means that each voucher must be used separately on different flights. If you have five vouchers, you must use them on five different Delta Air Lines flights before they expire — usually one year after the date they are issued. Once they expire, they are usually gone forever — and you cannot simply transfer them to someone who can use them before they expire.
Could these new restrictions force people who possess vouchers with significant dollar amounts to unnecessarily fly more on Delta Air Lines simply to use up the vouchers, or will they force passengers to think twice before volunteering for a “bump”? Will Delta Air Lines save money from people who have low residual amounts left on their voucher — such as $15.49, for example — and would rather let them expire than to book an unnecessary flight simply to use the voucher?
Well, we have no quantitative data yet to definitively answer these and other questions pertaining to these new restrictions imposed on vouchers issued by Delta Air Lines, but judging by the commentary and opinions already posted here, it is safe to say that this latest in a series of unpleasant changes to the Delta Air Lines and its SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program has incensed many FlyerTalk members.

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