Dining Out: Eat Alone or Meet Someone With Whom to Eat?

There are people who travel alone and find themselves at a restaurant dining by themselves.

While FlyerTalk member shawbridge is not adverse to eating alone when dining in a restaurant, shawbridge does not enjoy it as much as when eating with someone else.

The question asked by shawbridge is what, if anything, do you do if you

  • Do not feel like eating alone; and
  • Have not or cannot arrange to have someone with whom to eat?

Would you prefer to meet people to eat dinner with when traveling alone?

One thought on “Dining Out: Eat Alone or Meet Someone With Whom to Eat?”

  1. Dean Wright says:

    I’ve been in this predicament too many times to count. For many business people, eating alone in a busy restaurant is akin to public speaking…an anxiety producing event. When I ate alone in the past, I used to feel this way: “OMG! I am the only one sitting at a table alone. Why is the light above my table so much brighter than every other light? Why are people looking at me so much? I’m on business, ok?! I do have friends back at home! No, I’m not mourning a break-up!” Then, after many years of observation, when I was sitting at a full table with friends and associates and enjoying our conversation, smiling and laughing, I noticed a man sitting alone at a table. At times he cracked a smile; at times he brought concern to his face. Then my “aha moment” appeared: he had an iPhone in his hands. Solution: when I feel like eating alone or I am ‘forced’ to, I just bring my laptop or smartphone into the restaurant and sit at a table. Not only do I forget about the fact that I’m eating alone, but I know other people are thinking “wow, that guy is a hard worker”! I will suggest that you don’t sit at a bar with a laptop; people will think you’re not only an alcoholic but a gambler too. My five cents.

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