The Most Disappointing Destinations in the World?

T here is a list of the most disappointing destinations in the world which has been circulating around the Internet recently — and some of those destinations are as follows, along with comments from me based on my experience:

  • Paris I have been to this city several times, and I personally have enjoyed what this city has to offer: cuisine, architecture, landmarks, museums, and cafés where you can pass the time watching people without being rushed to leave; and I have not experienced any more rudeness from its citizens than in any other city — probably because I am able to speak some French
  • Venice While the stench of the canals resembled that of a sewer at times, there is affordable cuisine and affordable lodging — if you know where to find it — and I would certainly recommend visiting Venice if you have not yet been there
  • Stonehenge It was a cold and windy day when I visited; and while I was indeed interested in it, I was disappointed that I could not experience it more intimately — such as being able to get closer to it, for example — like what can be done at Avebury nearby, for which I plan to compose a trip report
  • Los Angeles This sprawling city is not walkable and is certainly not one of my favorite cities; but it has its gems — and while it is usually smoggy, the weather can be fantastic
  • Bali I have not yet visited this destination
  • Dubai I have not yet visited this destination
  • The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt I have not yet visited this destination
  • Jamaica I have not yet visited this destination


I have found that the key to enjoying a destination is either knowing someone who knows its ins and outs and gems undiscovered by the typical tourist; or ensure that it contains activities and local focal points which interest you. For example, Australia and Alaska were some of my favorite destinations to visit because they were filled with activities which interested me; while parts of Venice and Paris about which would have remained otherwise unknown to me because they were introduced to me by someone who knew those cities well.

Whether or not a destination is a disappointment is highly subjective. The source of the above list — certainly not exhaustive by any measure — is at; but FlyerTalk members have compiled their own list.

Which destination have you found disappointing — and why?


  1. The only time I had ever visited Stonehenge was on the summer solstice. It was quite intimate since I believe that is the only time they let people touch the actual stones (I have photos of myself hugging them!) Mind you it is an all-night event and it is quite cultural to see the Druids/fire/sunrise. In other words, go on summer solstice if you want to touch or hug the stones! 😉

    1. Would agree with Stonehenge’s presence on that list. A view from the road passing by or a well shot picture is all you need!

  2. Stonehenge can be accessed by signing up for one of the early morning or evening daily bus tours from the one or two companies that have access. The tours leave from London. You spend time with just your group in the inner circle and can touch the stones. They split the group in half so that you did not have too many people in the circle at one time. It was easy to get pictures of the stones up close with no people in the frame. It is an amazing experience. There were visitors to the site that could only walk around outside of the stones and that would have been a very disappointing experience.

  3. You can get “inside the rocks” at Stonehenge any day of the year and is absolutely the best way to do it. You need to make arrangements in advance, and a small number are allowed in at sunrise.

    Did you not do a search on the Internet before you visited?

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