Discussions About Miles and Points: Have Things Changed on FlyerTalk?

FlyerTalk member and former moderator zrs70 laments: “When I joined FT, the topics seemed to focus on how to get the best bang for the buck. Today, many of the posts seem to be about how the airline owes us all the time (extra miles put into the account, compensation issues, etc.) Have others noticed this gradual shift?”

Is there indeed a gradual shift in the tone of the topics discussed on FlyerTalk?

Find out what other FlyerTalk members, both “newbies” and “old-timers”, have to say. Better yet, post your experience and what you believe in the Has FT shifted from advocating FF programs to “shtupping” then? thread.

While you’re there, you get to learn what the term “shtup” means…

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