Do Horses In Flight Annoy You?

All FlyerTalk member tlvancouver had to do was post about “Things that annoy me when I travel” to get other FlyerTalk members to post such annoyances as:

  • People who talk too loud on their mobile telephones
  • Fellow passengers wearing excessive cologne or perfume
  • Travelers who believe they are more special than others
  • Insufficient amount of electrical outlets in a hotel room
  • Wildly erratic swings in rental car rates from week to week
  • Lack of information about irregular operations
  • Airline, hotel or car rental company employees who are too lazy to satisfy the customer
  • People who are annoyed about people who are annoyed about travel

…and that is merely a miniscule sampling of the entire list, which seems to grow hourly.

By the way, if you are wondering what the title Do Horses In Flight Annoy You? has to do with this topic, well…you will just have to click on the link above and read the FlyerTalk thread to find out…

One thought on “Do Horses In Flight Annoy You?”

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