Do You Lose Your Breakfast Whenever You Get Upgraded?

This question was intended to ask if Hilton HHonors elite members lose the benefit of enjoying a free breakfast in the hotel restaurant if they are awarded an upgrade to the Executive Level, where there is usually an exclusive lounge that also serves breakfast. However, some Hilton HHonors elite members prefer dining on the breakfast offered in the hotel restaurant, as it may have more food choices, as well as better food.

Then there are FlyerTalk members who are bound to misinterpret the question asked by FlyerTalk member mario33: You lose your Breakfast if upgraded to Exec Floor ? Those FlyerTalk members threw up such responses as “Oh, I thought the tread title meant I had to throw up if I was upgraded to the exec floor. Thank goodness that is not the case.” and “Cute thread title. As the spouse of a Diamond member, I’d be more likely to lose my breakfast if we weren’t upgraded to the Executive Floor.

Apologies for bringing this up.

…and we here at The Gate apologize for regurgitating these quotes…

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