Do You Lose Your Rights When Booking a Room Through the Internet Web Site of a Hotel Chain?

What if a hotel property does not honor a reservation booked at the Internet web site of the hotel chain of which it is a part? Is the reservation a contract with the hotel chain or with the property itself? Does the hotel guest have any recourse?

FlyerTalk member Flying Lawyer raises interesting and controversial legal issues currently being discussed regarding “The property abides by whatever their local innskeeper laws say are appropriate”, which in this case deals with a hotel property that is part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts worldwide. Should future hotel guests be genuinely concerned, or is it possible that the issues being raised are simply being overanalyzed and taken out of context by FlyerTalk members who are merely jumping to conclusions?

Should you book your next hotel room with the central reservations of a hotel chain, with the hotel property directly, or with a travel agent?

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