Do You Take Advantage of the Travel Tools Forum?

“Our travel tool forum is an awesome resource that is often overlooked”, FlyerTalk member and community director SanDiego1K recently wrote to me. “There is real meat in this forum. I’ve found extraordinary tools that really ease my travel planning.”
How can anyone ignore a testimonial like that?
The Travel Tools forum — located in the Travel&Dining section of FlyerTalk — encourages the discussion of tools, services and software used to optimize your travel experience.
An example of the topics appropriate for discussion in the Travel Tools forum include the following:

  • Award booking services — such as Award Travel Consulting and Flightfox
  • Airline seat maps — such as SeatGuru and SeatExpert
  • Mileage tracking — such as GoMiles and UsingMiles
  • Car rentals — such as AutoSlash
  • Award availability, fare rules and more —such as ExpertFlyer and AwardNexus
  • Software for trip organization — such as TripIt

You might be wondering how FlyerTalk members get the scoop on some of the hottest deals in travel; or how they figure out to construct an itinerary that takes the absolute most advantage of earning and using frequent travel loyalty program points and miles. Chances are that they use at least one of the tools discussed in the Travel Tools forum…
…and if you do not have the time to research all 815 discussions in the Travel Tools forum — likely, more discussions may have been added by the time you read this article — fret not: SanDiego1K posted a discussion greater than two years ago welcoming you to the Travel Tools forum; as well as provided a list of travel tools and links to the main discussions of each travel tool for your convenience…
…and a WikiPost was added earlier this month listing the travel tools — so if there is a discussion on a travel tool which you would like to use which is not yet listed, go ahead and add it yourself.
One of my personal favorite travel tools is the Matrix Airfare Search by ITA Software, which is now a division of Google. It is a powerful search engine which has helped me construct many itineraries; and it always lists the total cost of airfare — including taxes and fees. If the Total Cost Airfare Rule is eventually rescinded — and I hope that it is not — you can still count on the Matrix Airfare Search to provide you with the true cost of airfare.
If you happen to be a developer of a travel tool which you believe would be helpful to fellow FlyerTalk members, you are more than welcome to launch a discussion pertaining to your travel tool — provided that the intention of that discussion is not to solicit business for your company. Rather, the purpose of the discussion would be for you to participate and answer questions FlyerTalk members may have about your travel tool.
For example, FlyerTalk member theorem created SkyRunner — a “better ITA Matrix search” — and posted a discussion last month soliciting your feedback and suggestions.
It was in the Travel Technology forum where FlyerTalk member jkb76 posted a discussion where he solicited advice and requested assistance from fellow FlyerTalk members pertaining to a “little tool” he had just developed called WhatsApp back in May of 2009 — and WhatsApp was sold to Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stock back in February of 2014…
…so do not be surprised if the next big travel tool is found in a discussion posted in the Travel Tools forum — and do not be surprised if you find at least one travel tool which saves you a significant amount of time, effort and money for future travel.
Have you been participating in the Travel Tools forum? What travel tools have you used which you would recommend?

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