Do You Take Hotel Toiletries?

FlyerTalk member Oceanbound222 wants to know.

People do take toiletries from hotels for different reasons. I do because their size is convenient for travel in case I visit somewhere that may not have the toiletries I want or need.

If you do take toiletries from hotels, how many do you take, how often do you take them, and why do you take them?

“I too take the toiletries but for a different reason”, says FlyerTalk member 24.05.2004 in this milepost. “I spend about 80-90 nights in hotels and have customers in SJO and MGA. I take a care package of the toiletries with me when I visit and drop them off at a couple of local charities that deal with homeless street kids. The organizations love it when I appear with my bag of goodies (usually include some other things I have purchased for them like laundry soap, etc). I presume that my room rates cover the hotel’s expense of providing the toiletries and I get to pass along some kindness where it is definitely needed.”

Other FlyerTalk members also said that they donate the toiletries found in their hotel rooms.

I would think that by logging this entry, I may save the toiletries from becoming extinct if people would simply leave them alone, as the taking of toiletries is the root cause of their rapid depletion in numbers. Besides, until now, I never knew that toilets grow on and come from trees…

One thought on “Do You Take Hotel Toiletries?”

  1. I wanted to inform you of this great cause that is all about donating hotel toiletries! Every traveler from average joes to musicians to models to ballroom dancers to movie stars to nba basketball players have signed on and are supporting the efforts! I welcome you to check out the page and support those in need!


    Please spread the word to all your fellow travelers! 🙂

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