Do You Turn Off the Refrigerator In Your Hotel Room?

“I  have found that the noise and cycling of small in room refrigerators can be maddening. I started turning them off years ago if they were disturbing during the night (one strike policy.) I have found a few that I actually had to pull out to unplug, but managed to do it. I always turn them back on and this exercise only applies to empty refrigerators.”

Do You Turn Off the Refrigerator In Your Hotel Room?

The paragraph you just read was posted in this discussion launched by FlyerTalk member Mickidon, who raised a question about which I would not have even thought.

One reason why turning off the refrigerator in a hotel room may not be a good idea is if it contains frost, which would then melt and potentially cause a messy situation.

Another reason for keeping the refrigerator on is if you forget to turn it back on once your stay at the hotel property has concluded. A member of the housekeeping staff might not think to check to see if the refrigerator is working; and the next guest to stay in that hotel room might have a need for a cold refrigerator that he or she would initially not otherwise have.


I personally have never been annoyed by the sound which a refrigerator in a hotel room might cause — but then again, I am the type of person who can go to sleep with the hum of an air conditioner.

Although it could be a good way to save on electricity, I never turn off the refrigerator in a hotel room. On the contrary: I usually store items in it to keep them cool — such as bottled water or perishable food products…

…but although I do have my exceptions, I am typically of the mind of simply leaving things alone — but if you do find the noise from the refrigerator unbearable, report it to a member of the staff of the hotel property and alert that person to the situation, as perhaps he or she has a possible ideal solution.

A refrigerator was in the room at the Hampton Inn Chester — click here for a trip report which I wrote — and I did not turn it off. Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

4 thoughts on “Do You Turn Off the Refrigerator In Your Hotel Room?”

  1. Dom says:

    Unless I plan to use the refrigerator during my stay, I always unplug it. It eliminates the noise and also saves electricity.

    I drape the plug over the front of the refrigerator so that housekeeping or the next guest can plug it in.

  2. Ed says:

    If the noise is irritating I unplug it. I’d like to think that the next guest in the room would thank me for my creativity and taking the lead in making the room a quieter place to stay.

  3. Daninmci says:

    That’s why they invented white noise phone apps. Now if we could get rid of hotel hallway door slammers 🙂

  4. PopcornFlying says:

    Unplugged it once, when I was going on a game show and the refrigerator tried to eat me. I’m never taking diet pills again.

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