Do You Want to Get Paid to Travel Free to France?

You could actually get paid up to US$2,500.00 to fly to France from New York…

…if you are willing to test medication for jet lag.

Is there any danger to this? Are there any expenses involved? Can one earn any miles or points as a result?

Before you sign up for this offer — if it is still available — you may want to read the Chance to test a med for jet-lag, travel free to France & get paid up to $2,500 thread for more information and details, as well as read the reports of those FlyerTalk members who already volunteered to be “guinea pigs”.

3 thoughts on “Do You Want to Get Paid to Travel Free to France?”

  1. Martha says:

    Would love to go to France, and try a new jetlag medication…email me!

  2. Shawn Murphy says:

    Would love to test out some medication for a trip to France!

  3. I am very interested in participating in this jet lag study.

    Thank You!

    Andrea Gilmore

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