Do You Want to Stay at the aloft Aventura? You Will Have to Wait 10 Years

What will you be doing in the year 2020? As you achieve the plutonium elite level of your favorite airline frequent flier loyalty program yet again, will you be working on your microcomputer equipped with the one zettabyte (yes, that is a real term) hard disk drive and 50 exabytes of random access memory, or RAM? Will you be driving your hydrogen-powered car that emits only water out of its exhaust pipe? Perhaps you will be a parent, grandparent or even possibly great-grandparent?!?

If Starwood Hotels & Resorts has its way, you will be staying at the aloft Aventura hotel property and apparently other Starwood properties that show the opening date as not until the year 2020. However, FlyerTalk member Steph3n asks: 10+ years to hotel opening, why bother listing it?! (merged threads)

Believe it or not, there actually is an official explanation for why certain Starwood properties list an opening date in the year 2020, but you will have to read the thread to find it out…

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