Do You Want to Walk Today?

Imagine walking down the street, not even realizing that an image of your body has just been scanned, and without your consent or warrant. As an added bonus, you might have been exposed to some radiation in the process.

The argument is supposedly that when walking down a public street, you automatically consent to being scanned — similar to the implied consent being automatically given at airports when traveling. If you do not consent to being searched at the airport, you may be denied egress beyond the airport security checkpoint. Could forbidding consent of being scanned or searched while in a public place minding one’s business deny one from walking down the street?

Now imagine this possibly happening while in your car as you drive, or in your home, or out shopping at a store – and the images are rather detailed and clear.

Docs Reveal TSA Plan To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers, and FlyerTalk members lament their perceived erosion of freedom and unimaginable loss of privacy in the United States — which has a possibility of becoming all too real.

As another added bonus, the taxpayers of the United States could fund a fleet of vans for this specific purpose, each reportedly costing US$729,000.00 to US$825,000.00 — all for the purpose of increasing safety to all in the United States.

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