Does Free Internet Access at Starbucks Mean Loss of Internet Fees at Hotels and Aboard Aircraft?

All of the approximately 6,700 Starbucks coffee shops located throughout the United States will offer free wireless Internet access to all through AT&T starting July 1, 2010, according to the Starbucks: Free Wi-Fi at 6,700 US sites thread.

This is good news to frequent travelers who desire Internet access without having to pay for it.

Will that mean that hotel guests will forego the $10-$20 Internet access fee charged at many hotel properties in favor of a quick walk or drive to the nearest Starbucks to access the Internet? Will passengers avoid paying for Internet access on-board aircraft while in flight, only to wait until they land and use the free Internet access at a Starbucks location within the destination airport?

More importantly, will this policy spread to international Starbucks locations? I remember being at a Starbucks coffee shop at a train station in Freiburg, Germany waiting for a fellow FlyerTalk member and could have used the free Internet access…

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