Door Ripped Off of Aircraft in Air Bridge Collapse; One Injured

This photograph — posted by a member of identified as shengzhurou — has been widely circulated via twitter. Click on the photograph to see the discussion from which the photograph reportedly originated.

An investigation has been launched by the Hong Kong Airport Authority pertaining to the collapse of an air bridge in at Hong Kong International Airport yesterday evening, injuring one person and reportedly ripping the left front door of an Airbus A330 operated by Cathay Pacific.
Fortunately, the collapse occurred just after all 262 passengers boarded the aircraft at Gate 71 for flight 532 whose destination was Nagoya — averting potentially tragic results. The injured person — a technician who was trapped in the air bridge when it collapsed while operating it — is reportedly in stable condition.
All rear air bridges are slated for inspection, as their use has been suspended pending the results of the investigation. In the meantime, Hong Kong International Airport will operate using single air bridge operation until further notice.
This incident evokes the collapse of another air bridge at the international airport in Copenhagen in November of 2011.

2 thoughts on “Door Ripped Off of Aircraft in Air Bridge Collapse; One Injured”

  1. scnzzz says:

    Why would the rear airbridges be suspended – it’s pretty clear from the image that door 1L was the one affected – which would be a forward airbridge, no?

  2. Brian Cohen says:

    That is a good question, scnzzz.
    Upon doing some more research on this story, I found out the following:
    “The forward section of the Y shaped bridge, which was attached to the door to the forward premium end of a Cathay Pacific A330-300 about to fly to Nagoya, collapsed tearing the door off its hinges.
    “The second half of the assembly, which had been attached to the second door of the jet, collapsed shortly afterwards.”
    It does not completely answer your question, but I intend to keep searching to find out the answer – if a reader of The Gate does not find it before I do.

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