Double Bonus — Plus Up to 35 Percent More — When You Purchase LifeMiles

hrough Sunday, November 29, 2015, you have an opportunity to purchase LifeMiles and receive a bonus of up to 25 percent — but you must register here by Wednesday, November 25, 2015; and you must be previously enrolled in the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program to participate in this promotion.

Additionally, if you want to qualify to receive an extra bonus of ten percent — meaning that you can earn a bonus of up to 35 percent which is not available to regular members of the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program — you must be a registered member of InsideFlyer. You will be able to purchase LifeMiles for as low as 1.4 cents per LifeMile at the extra bonus rates listed below starting 24 hours after you have registered with InsideFlyer if you are not already a member; and registration is free of charge.

Bonus LifeMiles Chart for InsideFlyer Members

Here is a chart which illustrates the bonuses which you can earn:

Ranges of LifeMiles Purchased LifeMiles Bonus InsideFlyer Bonus Total LifeMiles Accrued
2,000 – 40,000 No bonus No bonus Double LifeMiles
41,000 – 100,000 15 percent 10 percent Double LifeMiles + 25 percent, up to a maximum of 225,000 LifeMiles
101,000 – 150,000 25 percent 10 percent Double LifeMiles + 35 percent, up to a maximum of 352,500 LifeMiles

For example, if you purchase 56,000 LifeMiles for a cost of $2,200.00, you will earn 56,000 additional LifeMiles plus a 25 percent bonus of 14,000 LifeMiles for a total of 126,000 LifeMiles — which can be redeemed for a business class award between Europe and North America. If you purchase 150,000 LifeMiles for a cost of $4,950.00, you will earn 150,000 additional LifeMiles plus a 35 percent bonus of 52,500 LifeMiles for a total of 352,500 LifeMiles. These bonus LifeMiles are valid for redemption on all carriers which are members of Star Alliance — such as Lufthansa and United Airlines.

Terms and Conditions

LifeMiles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000; and those LifeMiles will be credited to your account immediately after the purchase has been completed.

Remember that members of the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program may purchase up to a maximum of 375,000 miles per year, which includes bonuses. Please click here for other terms and conditions of the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program.


$2,200.00 for an award ticket where you are seated in the business class cabin on a round-trip itinerary of flights between Europe and North America does not seem like a bad deal; and you can get that cost down even further if you purchase at least 101,000 LifeMiles where you can get the bonus of 35 percent. Despite that, it is not out of the question for transoceanic business class airfares — albeit typically restricted and not exactly pervasive — to have sold in the past for less than $2,000.00 in total. Moreover, that has usually occurred for this time of year.

“I’m generally opposed to buying points without a specific redemption lined up and known to be available”, wrote Seth Miller of Wandering Aramean in this article. “Beyond that there is the risk associated with potential devaluation of the LifeMiles points. It has happened before and it may happen again. Sitting on a large pile of points from a program with such a history is not a risk I’m particularly keen on.”

Seth Miller is most likely referring to past perceived devaluations of the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program with no advance notice — such as this one which occurred in May of 2013; and this one which occurred less than a week later — which may be good reasons to proceed with trepidation and caution.

Not only am I not a person who would typically outright purchase frequent travel miles or points — a rare exception is documented in this article — but I also know virtually nothing about the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program; so I cannot give an official recommendation in terms of participating in this offer…

…but this can potentially be a good deal; so do your homework and research to ensure that this deal is right for you. Just be sure that you do so before Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Double Bonus — Plus Up to 35 Percent More — When You Purchase LifeMiles”

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been a buyer in the past but I will say until they improve their website and/or allow mixed class awards, Lifemiles have limited utility. Although the price is attractive, I would say you are better served to have only around 50K or so in your account and buy at the ‘buy more miles price’ during award booking for the difference (usually at around 1.5 to 1.6 cents a mile) when you’ve actually found an award you can book.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I appreciate the advice, Mike.

      Thank you.

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