Double Points: Double Days Amtrak Promotion Extended

When the the Double Days promotion by Amtrak Guest Rewards was announced last month, I originally wrote that you can earn double points on qualfying travel on Amtrak trains in the United States through October 31, 2013 — which is unfortunately shorter by a total of 20 days than the promotion last year.
Forget what I wrote about the shorter duration of this promotion, as FlyerTalk member AGR Insider — who is the official company representative for Amtrak on FlyerTalk — announced recently that the Double Days promotion has been extended through November 22, 2013.
This means that rather than being 20 days shorter than last year, the duration of this promotion is now two days longer than last year — good news for FlyerTalk members who are also members of the Amtrak Guest Rewards frequent travel loyalty program.

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