Double Points: Double Days Amtrak Promotion Returns

Click on the image above to access the official Internet web site of the Double Days promotion by Amtrak.

Register now for the Double Days promotion by Amtrak Guest Rewards and earn double points on qualfying travel on Amtrak trains in the United States through October 31, 2013 — which is unfortunately shorter by a total of 20 days than the promotion last year.

Registration is required, and you must be a member of Amtrak Guest Rewards to participate in this promotion. There is a limit of two qualifying one-way trips per day. Registration is retroactive to the start of the promotion. Terms and conditions apply.
As I posted last year, you might find that Amtrak may be a reasonable and viable alternative to travel with this promotion — as opposed to travel by airplane, bus or automobile. Think about it: no dealing with the Transportation Security Administration at airport security checkpoints, and no worrying about staying awake while you drive.
Would you consider choosing traveling by train in the United States versus traveling by airplane or car?

One thought on “Double Points: Double Days Amtrak Promotion Returns”

  1. kalagapp says:

    Absolutely! I went to Baltimore on 9/10. Tried to come back on 9/11 and the train system was down for ? hours. Took the bus back for $20 vs the $120 of my one way cancelled fare !!

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