Drunk Man Allegedly Urinated Into an Ice Machine at Hotel

ndrew Wood allegedly urinated into an ice machine at the Hard Rock Hotel property in Orlando while he was “very intoxicated” — which led to him being on the rocks himself when he was whizzed over to the county jail by police, the story of which was leaked by streaming media and other various news sources.

A security guard reportedly caught Wood in the act of aiming to ruin the ice last week; and Wood was caught between a hard rock and a hard place — so to speak — when the 41-year-old man from Havant, Hampshire in the United Kingdom held in the opportunity to comply with repeated requests of the security guard to identify himself and reveal the room in which he was staying.

When Wood became uncooperative and combative, the security guard then called the police, who said that “Wood had random outbursts and smelled of alcohol”, according to this article written by Stephanie Allen of the Orlando Sentinel. After no longer piddling around, Wood pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge; spent one day in jail; and was reportedly ordered to pay a fine of $500.00, according to court records.

Arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct in a public establishment after refusing to comply with the request from a police officer to stay in his room for the night, Wood was booked into the jail in Orange County, where he continued to be disruptive — probably with the number one objective to im-pee-d upon the completion of the process by law enforcement officers.

Apparently, the yellow ice in Orange County gave the suspect the blues after being red his rights.

You might be relieved to know that the ice machine in question has since been removed from the hotel — it apparently had to go — so urine luck if you have plans to stay there in the future.

It could have been worse: I am glad that the suspect was not bowel-ed over by his intoxication; and had he committed this disgusting act aboard an airplane, he would be in rather not-so-good company.

Please accept my apologies if my puns keep getting bladder and bladder and you are not tinkled pink by them…

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