Earn 10 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar By Helping Harvey Victims

You can earn ten AAdvantage miles per dollar by donating a minimum of $25.00 by Sunday, September 24, 2017 to the American Red Cross to provide critical aid to those in need as a result of Harvey, which is a tropical storm that has devastated parts of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.

Earn 10 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar By Helping Harvey Victims

The American Red Cross has welcomed tens of thousands of people in shelters and expects the cost to be a minimum of $10 million. Here is how your donation will be used:

  • $20.00 — Provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. During times of disaster, these prepared meals are served by American Red Cross workers at shelters or American Red Cross emergency response vehicles driving through neighborhoods.
  • $30.00 — Covers the cost of a cleanup kit and comfort supplies for a family of four. These supplies are stored and ready for distribution nationwide.
  • $88.00 — Covers the cost to support a family of three for one day. This service includes providing a day’s worth of food, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus blankets and other essentials to a family in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • $150.00 — Provides travel, meals and shelter for one day for a disaster relief volunteer worker. Workers deploy for 14 day rotations at a minimum.
  • $200.00 — Provides a full day of food and shelter for a family of four.

American Airlines and the American Red Cross

American Airlines is a proud Annual Disaster Giving Partner with the American Red Cross; and it supports disaster relief efforts from man made and natural disasters — large and small — through this partnership to help ensure those impacted have their most immediate needs met and assist in their recovery. American Airlines is encouraging you to join the airline in this effort and consider donating a contribution to support disaster relief so that volunteers and staff of the American Red Cross can respond to those in need during disaster responses. Through the support of disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross, American Airlines and its employees help provide support to families affected by the unexpected. With the unique ability to activate immediately and assess critical needs during times of disaster, the Red Cross, has the infrastructure in place and relationships with local and foreign governments allowing immediate accessibility to affected areas and approved relief items.

American Airlines gives more than one million dollars to support the American Red Cross each year. Through combined donations of cash, in-kind support and volunteer efforts, the airline has become part of a select group of leading corporations which provide the highest level of support to the American Red Cross preparedness and relief efforts. Your donation will provide critical aid to those in need; and you will receive some bonus AAdvantage miles in return.


Interestingly, no maximum limit as to how many miles you can earn is indicated with this initiative — unlike this offer from United Airlines, through which you can earn up to 1,000 bonus MileagePlus miles by donating to the relief effort for victims of Harvey.

Regardless, both offers from United Airlines and American Airlines are excellent ways to help people who had been adversely affected by the effects of Harvey — while earning a few bonus miles for yourself.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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