Earn 100 Free and Easy Marriott Rewards Points Right Now — But Hurry

For only ten seconds or so of your time, you can easily earn 100 free Marriott Rewards points almost instantly if you send to the official Twitter account of Marriott Rewards a “tweet” which includes the words Fans on the road… #RewardsPoints#LeafsFansTravel and a photograph.

Earn 100 Free and Easy Marriott Rewards Points Right Now — But Hurry

According to this article posted at You Have Been Upgraded — which is written in German by the author, whom I have met but wishes to remain anonymous — confirmation of earning the points is instant; so I tried it for myself…

…and I too received the confirmation that I earned 100 Marriott Rewards points.

This promotion is apparently tied with the Toronto Maple Leafs professional hockey team through which you send a “tweet” of your photograph of your road trip to your friends via Twitter — and you have a chance to win a prize pack.


I have not found at this time when this offer definitively ends; so if you are interested, take advantage of it as soon as possible — just in case it disappears as suddenly as it appeared.

If you have not already registered through its Connect and Collect program, Marriott Rewards is offering its members an opportunity to earn up to a maximum of 45,000 free points per calendar year by using social media — and although point bonuses have already been offered since the launch of the initiative, that is only the beginning.

Getting started earns you points as well. You can instantly earn up to a total of 750 Marriott Rewards points when you connect with your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for 250 Marriott Rewards points each…

…and after that, you can earn up to another 250 points when you follow Marriott Rewards with Twitter and Instagram for 125 Marriott Rewards points each.

That is up to 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points just to get started.

More details — such as how to register for this program — are in this article.

Source: Marriott Rewards.

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