Earn 1,000 Free American Airlines AAdvantage Miles in Minutes

ou can easily earn up to 1,000 free American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program miles in exchange for only a few minutes of your time by simply “matriculating” at AAdvantage University — where all you need to do is enter all six “classrooms”, watch a short video in each “classroom”, and then take your final examination consisting of one multiple choice question.

When you first arrive at AAdvantage University, you will be asked an optional question as to where is your dream destination. Answering that question does not even give you extra credit, so you do not have to — ouch! Hey — who threw that spitball?!?

Anyway, you may not earn a degree; but you will earn 1,000 free American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program miles. However — similarly to the delivery of the actual paper certificate commemorating you earning your degree from a university — you may not see the results of your “graduation” for up to eight weeks after you completed your required courses.

Each of the six videos are short in duration but can be skipped; and you earn 150 AAdvantage miles for each question you correctly answer. Complete all six “courses” and you earn a bonus of 100 AAdvantage miles, leading to earning the total of 1,000 free American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program miles

The questions are so simple that you can easily figure out the answers:

1. Exploring My Account
You can save what information in your AAdvantage account?

2. Inside Elite Benefits
Which is not a level of AAdvantage elite Status?

3. Principles of redeeming miles
Most people redeem there AAdvantage miles for?

4. Earning Miles with Credit Cards
You save how much off your in-flight purchases when you use your American Airlines and US Airways operated flights?

5. Earning with Partners
How can you earn miles with AAdvantage Dining program?

6. Seeing the world: Flying & Earning
American Airlines offers around how many daily flights?

This promotion — similar to what was once offered by Northwest Airlines years ago through its WorldPerks University — should be a good way to extend the expiration of your AAdvantage miles for another 18 months. Dormitory facilities are not available; but at least there are no heavy textbooks to carry.

Class dismissed — but before we adjourn: whoever drew that horribly phallic picture of an airplane on the chalkboard, please erase it before the teacher returns — otherwise, we will all earn detention from the hall monitors who are also known as agents of the Transportation Security Administration…

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