Earn 200 MileagePlus Miles Plus Up to 3 Miles Per Gallon of Fuel With BP

Filling up the fuel tank of your vehicle — or of those of rental cars — can potentially be rewarding as the result of a new partnership between United Airlines and British Petroleum, as you will earn 200 bonus MileagePlus miles after you choose to earn MileagePlus miles and purchase fuel at a participating BP fuel station with the debit or credit card linked to your BP Driver Rewards account.

Earn 200 MileagePlus Miles Plus Up to 3 Miles Per Gallon of Fuel With BP

Signing up is free and easy — simply select Earn and use miles when you sign up as a member in the BP Driver Rewards membership program.

You are limited to one bonus per account, per person for a maximum bonus of 200 MileagePlus miles; but thereafter, you can earn up to three MileagePlus miles per gallon of fuel purchased — up to a maximum of 20 gallons of fuel per purchase:

  • Earn 1 MileagePlus award mile for every gallon of fuel purchased.
  • Earn 2 MileagePlus award miles for every gallon of regular or medium-grade fuel purchased with your linked debit or credit card.
  • Earn 3 MileagePlus award miles for every gallon of premium-grade fuel purchased with your linked debit or credit card.

Use MileagePlus Miles Towards Fuel Purchases

You can use 60 MileagePlus award miles per gallon to get a discount of 50 cents off per gallon — on a maximum of 20 gallons for a maximum discount of $10.00 off per fuel purchase — at BP fuel stations when you pay with the debit or credit card linked to your BP Driver Rewards account.

To be eligible to use miles at participating BP fuel stations, you must have an eligible form of payment linked to your BP Driver Rewards account and have at least 1,200 MileagePlus miles in your MileagePlus membership account at the time of purchase. For the option to use miles for cents off per gallon, swipe your linked form of payment at the pump.

“Yeah, the value is poor, but it might be the best almost-cash redemption option out there. Until now the best cash-out option to ‘cash out’ United miles is buying gift cards from the MPX app at .64% value”, according to this article written by Chuck at Doctor of Credit. “This .833% value is a bit higher and for some this is closer to cash (depending if your local BP is well-priced).”

Select Terms and Conditions

Member must enter their Driver Rewards number or swipe a linked card at the pump. Not valid with other offers earning or redeeming cents off per gallon. Not valid where prohibited by law.

If you are an existing BP Driver Rewards member and choose to earn MileagePlus award miles, your existing cents per gallon balance will convert to award miles as a one-time courtesy at the rate disclosed at the time of conversion. If you choose to make the one-time conversation, the transaction is non-reversible and can only occur one-time per person, per BP Driver Rewards account.

The BP Driver Rewards program is not valid in the state of California. Answers to questions which are frequently asked are available for addition information pertaining to the BP Driver Rewards program.

Other terms and conditions — such as those of the United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program — apply.


Regardless of the potential of the number of MileagePlus miles which could be earned through this program, I would personally rather earn cash towards discounts, as cash is more universal as a real currency…

…and even then, I do not always choose to fill up a fuel tank with BP, as I often find competing fuel stations to offer gasoline at less expensive prices.

For example, at the time this article was written, the price per gallon of gasoline at the fuel station which I use the most is currently $2.18 per gallon; while the closest BP fuel station charges $2.42 per gallon. This offer is not anywhere close to worth the extra 24 cents per gallon I would have to pay to take advantage of it.

If this offer does work for you and is worth your participation, ensure that the credit cards you are using maximize the discount on fuel at BP fuel stations for extra savings.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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