400 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles survey
Source: The Opinion Terminal.

Earn 400 Mileage Plan Miles When You Complete Your First Survey

You can earn 400 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles when you join The Opinion Terminal free of charge and complete your first survey — and you can then earn more Mileage Plan miles, which are automatically deposited into your Mileage Plan membership account after you complete each survey.

Earn 400 Mileage Plan Miles When You Complete Your First Survey

Simply participate in surveys regarding new products and services which you consider important to you; and a link to the application form will be sent to you in order for you to be able to confirm your membership — but you must first read the terms and conditions and privacy policy and accept them prior to joining The Opinion Terminal.

Generally, ten minutes to 15 minutes would be needed to complete each survey — although some surveys may require more time to complete; and some surveys may require less time to complete.

Only legal residents within the United States are eligible to participate in this survey program.


I never heard of The Opinion Terminal; but it is operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC, which is the same company that operates Opinion Check-In with IHG Rewards Club with which you participate in surveys to earn points. The points automatically go directly into your IHG Rewards Club membership account.

The process with this offer should be identical with what I experienced pertaining to the offer from Opinion Check-In, which I tried and succeeded in securing 1,000 IHG Rewards Club points — and the points were deposited into my account almost immediately. That offer is still in effect at this time.

If the process is the same — I have not yet had the chance to try it out — then it is a relatively easy way to earn 400 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles; and you should be able to cancel from this survey program at any time once the miles are deposited in your account. It also seems to be a good way to keep the miles in your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership account from expiring if you do not mind taking surveys — but this is not exactly the easiest way to earn Mileage Plan miles; and you might find that the time needed to complete the process may otherwise not be worth the effort.

Source: The Opinion Terminal.

  1. Clicked on the link this morning… Still waiting for an email confirmation from them to activate my account.

    1. That is definitely longer than my experience with the other offer with IHG Rewards Club, iv.

      Thank you for posting that experience. Please let me know when your account is finally activated.

  2. I received the same email this morning, since I was at work I decided to wait to until I was home this afternoon to fill out the survey. It seems I am too late. This is what pops up now when click on the link……

    ***Website under Maintenance
    Please excuse us while we take a short vacation!
    Make sure to check back later, we appreciate your patience as we work to improve your experience.

    1. The Internet web site of The Opinion Terminal seemed to be out for more than a day, Celestial Fisher — but it is back up and running now.

      I hope you get your 400 Mileage Plan miles as soon as possible.

  3. Received email to take Survey- has nothing to do with a recent trip wife and I just completed via Alaskan, which one could assume that the survey was going to be about and was interested in. Nope, it wants to know what kind of refrigerator I own, and alot of non related info plus personal stuff, SO it can gear more surveys to you and use you like a lab rat. Regret I signed up for it now and did not completely go thru all the hoops to get to an actual survery. Piss me off man. Alaskan just went down my favorable scale again, after it went up a few clicks. Next year, new trip, different airlines?

    1. The surveys are not meant to have anything to do with Alaska Airlines, Joe Helper

      …but once you complete that one survey and receive your 400 Mileage Plan miles, you are not required to continue answering surveys; and you should be able to opt out or unsubscribe.

      When you say that you “did not completely go thru all the hoops to get to an actual survey”, do you mean that you experienced technical problems while taking the survey; or did you simply voluntarily quit in the middle of the survey?

  4. Brian, I tried a couple of different ways to copy/paste in this reply the email I received via my Gmail account, I have a jpeg version and a PDF also; but could not so I will write it out- it says “Pick up 400 miles for sharing your thoughts.” then it says Alaskan Airlines to me and my invite inside- followed by Alaska Mileage Plan , my full (real) name and mile plan member number (last 4)- then exclamation point ! Grab extra bonus miles & save. See Mileage Plan (TM) deals. BUT this has nothing to do with Alaska Airlines?????
    Earn 400 miles after completing your first survey.
    Looks like it was from Alaska to me? Wife, sister and myself came back from Big Island one week ago. We only just joined the mileage thing a couple of months ago.
    I know there was a maintenance/offline period but I got in afterward. I left survey after questions about brokers and non Alaskan airlines/travel related questions came up at the start. I would email you a copy of the original email. Thanks, just thought this was kind of skewed.

    1. The surveys are designed for marketing purposes and usually have nothing to do with the airline, Joe Helper.

      I have no problem completing a survey if there is an incentive; but I typically will not include my personal information in it, as that is where I draw the line.

  5. Got it and credited the miles. Tried other surveys but after 25+ of getting disqualified, I concluded it’s not worth it. Even though you’re supposed to get 5 miles per disqualification, that seems to be limited to 20 miles per day.

  6. I spent about thirty minutes filling out this survey that was supposedly worth 400 miles however, upon completion I was directed to a page that said they already had enough responses but that I would be given 5 miles for my time. I would advise not participating in this scam.

  7. Pretty much a scam. So far I immediately went to the site as soon as it arrived on my mobile email. Within 10 seconds, it directed me to the site and always said “there is no survey to complete”. Going back proved fruitless. There has been at least 10 surveys arriving via mobile email and always “no survey’ available. I have yet to get my 1st survey completed after updating my profile. Opinion Terminal has left a bad taste with me and I’ve sent my ‘opinion’ about AA’s partnership with this company.

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