Earn Bonus AAdvantage Miles by Shopping the Mystery Bonus Event 2017

I n a different twist of what is typically a tepid offer, effective now through Friday, June 30, 2017 at 11:59:59 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time, you can earn bonus American Airlines AAdvantage miles — in addition to the standard AAdvantage miles earned — during the Mystery Bonus Event 2017 campaign at the AAdvantage Shopping portal by spending a minimum amount of money for shopping for qualifying purchases on your favorite products from hundreds of participating retailers…

…but just what is the minimum amount of money you need to spend to earn those bonus miles is initially a “mystery.”

Earn Bonus AAdvantage Miles by Shopping the Mystery Bonus Event 2017

You can only earn the bonus AAdvantage miles once. Bonus AAdvantage miles will be issued based on your cumulative qualifying purchases made during the bonus period. Returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products are not included in the bonus award AAdvantage miles eligibility calculation.

Please allow up to ten weeks after the conclusion of the bonus period for the bonus award AAdvantage miles to post to your AAdvantage Shopping account. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

Other terms and conditions may apply.


The deal which I received is to earn 400 AAdvantage miles when I spend a minimum of $100.00. While it is not terrible, I am not exactly chomping at the bit to take AAdvantage of it — and I will most likely not participate in this promotion.

Other people have received offers such as earning 1,200 AAdvantage miles when spending a minimum of $300.00; or earning 2,000 AAdvantage miles when spending a minimum of $500.00. Do you notice a trend here? Apparently, the “mystery” has been solved: earn four American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program miles for every dollar you spend. The only difference is the minimum amount of spend required — and for some people, this promotion may be too rich in which to consider participating.

I personally do not care for “mystery” campaigns, as they typically reward some people more than others — but they do tend to pique the interest of people.

Be aware that the adding of AAdvantage miles to your account as a result of participating in this promotion can take as many as ten weeks; but if that happens after the expiration date of the miles in your account, take consolation of knowing that the date of the transaction is typically what counts and not when the transaction is approved. You may need to take the time to send reminders to the administrators of a shopping portal if your miles or points do not post; and if that is not worth your time or effort, you might want to reconsider participating in one of these promotions…

…but if you intend to spend money shopping anyway before the promotion ends, you may as well earn AAdvantage miles in the process.

Source: American Airlines.

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