Earn Free Travel: Spend $250 on Anti Monkey Butt Powder or Other Products at Rite Aid

“Brian — Just read your post on the topic”, Travis at One Mile at a Time posted here in the Comments section, as he wrote a similar article to mine pertaining to a promotion offered by Rite Aid called Happy You Year where you could be rewarded based on how much you spend. “Apparently we both share the same sense of humor, cause I can’t stop saying Anti Monkey Butt Powder! I’ve worked it into 3 conversations today alone!!!!”

Travis, this one is for you, as Rite Aid is offering a similar promotion for the month of February called FABuary, as reported in this article by Jennifer of Deals We Like — and yes, you can once again purchase $250.00 worth of six ounces of Anti Monkey Butt powder or any combination of 6,389 other participating products to earn free travel — but this time around, there is one major difference: the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program is unfortunately not participating in this promotion.

If I ever open a chain of restaurants, Anti Monkey Butt Powder would probably be a great name for them. “Hey — where do you want to go to eat tonight?” “Oh, let’s go back to Anti Monkey Butt Powder! I go bananas over their food!”


…anyway, there are five different reward codes; and the awards for free travel are in the highest category — of course — which consists of your choice of the following:

  • A camping or cabin reservation for two nights at some of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the United States to explore or enjoy with your friends or family
  • A stay of seven days at a participating time-share resort through RCI, a division of Wyndham Worldwide
  • A free economy class, round-trip domestic flight or a 2-3 day cruise leaving and arriving from select ports


There are many, many terms and conditions to follow if you decide to participate in this promotion — 34 of them for the camping experience; 37 of them for the resort stay; and 38 of them for the flight or cruise — so please read them carefully before you get started to determine whether or not this promotion is worth your time and effort.

“While I didn’t take part of last months offer, I know many people were able to get their 2-free Hyatt nights pretty seamlessly”, according to this article written by Jennifer of Deals We Like. “It also seems like once those nights were book they were fully transferable to another hotel or date assuming availability (and that it fit the same award type). While I initially had hesitations with these deals in general, last month proved that that company behind the Rite Aid offers could fulfill the required giveaway.”

For that reason, perhaps your participation in this promotion is worth considering if you are interested in earning one of the aforementioned free travel reward options.

I will most likely pass on this promotion as I did on the most recent past promotion — if only because of the following reasons:

  • I am scheduled to be traveling for much of the month of February
  • The Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program is unfortunately not participating in this promotion
  • Rite Aid does not necessarily have the lowest prices; so better deals on participating products pertaining to this promotion probably could be found elsewhere
  • I have no use for $250.00 worth of Anti Monkey Butt powder at this time

2 thoughts on “Earn Free Travel: Spend $250 on Anti Monkey Butt Powder or Other Products at Rite Aid”

  1. Mikel says:

    I actually have a photo of the product as my background image on my iPhone. Saw it in Walgreens one day and couldn’t resist. Glad to see I’m not the only juvenile on BoardingArea 🙂

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      You are certainly not, Mikel!

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