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Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Earn Up to 10,000 AAdvantage Miles Per Night If You Book Your Hotel Reservations Here

American Airlines has teamed up with Booking.com to create a new Internet web site through which you can book your lodging reservations from greater than 1.2 million properties worldwide — including hotels, resorts, villas, apartments and global brands — and free cancellation of your reservation is available with most rooms…

Earn Up to 10,000 AAdvantage Miles Per Night If You Book Your Hotel Reservations Here

Source: American Airlines.

…plus, you can earn up to 10,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles per night when you book your lodging reservations through this new Internet web site launched by American Airlines, which also promises “amazing rates.” Simply find participating properties with the American Airlines AAdvantage logo; and then enter your AAdvantage membership details when booking a reservation. Up to three weeks may elapse before the miles are deposited into your AAdvantage membership account.

Included in the room rate are all the facilities listed under the room type. To see the facilities, simply click on the room name. You can see if breakfast — check this recent article pertaining to 7 factors when considering hotel room rates which include breakfast — taxes or anything else are included by rolling your cursor over the text in the column called Conditions. This information will also be in your confirmation e-mail message.

As soon as you have completed the booking process, a confirmation will appear; and a copy of this confirmation — which includes all of your reservation details; as well as a reservation number and in most cases, a four-digit personal identification code — will be sent to you via e-mail message. You can also access your confirmed reservation with all of its details at any time.

Some reservations will require a deposit in advance and may incur penalties if the reservation is changed or canceled; so ensure that you check the details of the policies pertaining to that reservation prior to booking it.

Information regarding children and extra beds or cribs can be found under Hotel Policies. Please take note of the following:

  • Any additional fees for children are not included in the room rate or reservation price
  • During the booking process, please place your request for any extra bed or crib in the Special Requests box provided
  • Call the hotel or resort property prior to your arrival to guarantee your request

Free of Charge

This service is free of charge because — unlike many other parties — you will not be charged for this service or add any additional reservation fees to the room rate.

Suppliers pay a commission of a small percentage of the product price — such as the room rate — to Booking.com after you have consumated the service or product of the lodging supplier; or after you have stayed at — and paid for — the accommodation.

Select Terms and Conditions

The prices on this platform are highly competitive. All room prices are per room for your entire stay and all prices are displayed — including value added tax or sales tax and all other taxes, which are subject to change of such taxes — unless stated differently on this platform or the confirmation e-mail message or ticket. Ticket prices are per person or group and subject to validity as indicated on the ticket, if applicable. Applicable fees and taxes — including tourist tax or city tax — may be charged by the lodging supplier or the accommodation in the event of a no-show or cancellation fee.

Sometimes cheaper rates are available on this platform for a specific stay, product or service. However, these rates made available by lodging suppliers may carry special restrictions and conditions — for example, cancellations or refunds may not be permitted. Please check the relevant product, service and reservation conditions and details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to booking your reservation.

The crossed-out rate shown for rooms is based on the third highest current price of the lodging supplier for your product or service with the same booking conditions in a 30-day window around your check-in date — 15 days before and 15 days after check-in date; if less than 15 days are between today and the check-in date, the corresponding number of days after the check-in date will be used to result in a 30-day total. To ensure a fair comparison, Booking.com always use the same reservation conditions — for example, meal plan, cancellation policy and room type. This means that you get the same room for a lower price compared to other check-in dates at the same time of year.

Booking.com wants you to pay the lowest price possible for your product and service of choice. Should you find your product or service of choice booked through this platform — with the same reservation conditions, at a lower rate on the Internet after you have made a reservation through Booking.com — the difference will be matched between both rates under the terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee. Reservations through which you earn thousands of miles per night are not subject to the Best Price Guaranteed policy.

Other terms and conditions apply — and there are a plethora of them to read. Thankfully, many of them will not interfere with your normal booking of lodging reservations. You are advised to read them carefully, as they include such topics as:

  • Scope of the Service
  • Prices, crossed-out rates and Best Price Guarantee
  • Privacy and cookies
  • Credit card or bank transfer
  • Pre-payment, cancellation, no-show and fine print
  • Further correspondence and communication
  • Ranking, preferred programme, stars and guest reviews
  • Disclaimer
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Miscellaneous
  • About Booking.com and the support companies
  • Governing law and disputes


I found out about this offer through an e-mail message from American Airlines and have not actually use the service myself.

For additional information, you are encouraged to read the section of frequently asked questions.

Even though this service is branded as American Airlines, its engine is from Booking.com. If you have not yet booked with Booking.com, I recommend that you read this article first, as you might still be able to receive $40.00 back into your credit card account as a customer for the first time before using the service described in this article.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

  1. No, this article is not click bait.

    I got the email too and I compared the rates between the new AA website and the actual hotel in Hong Kong. The AA website was $26 more for the room I wanted but it offered 5,000 AA miles so I went with the AA website because I was willing to pay $26 for the 5,000 miles.

    The $26 price difference for AA was compared to a non-refundable hotel direct price, and the AA one could be cancelled up to a week before arrival.

    For the standard room the price was actually the same and still got 5,000 miles, but I wanted a nicer room so I did not go for the standard room.

    1. Thank you for that information, jay.

      By reserving a nicer room, you just demonstrated a way to purchase 5,000 AAdvantage miles for 0.52 cents — yes, slightly more than a half of a penny — per AAdvantage mile when you paid that extra $26.00, which is a good deal.

      1. That’s *MUCH* better information than just posting the basic terms/PR! Show us how to use the service and/or the value instead of just copy/pasting. Thanks, jay/Brian.

  2. “To ensure we are making a fair comparison, we always use the same reservation conditions…”

    So…just post their press release and go?

  3. Keep in mind that some hotel rewards programs hinder your points earning if you book through third party sites like booking.com.

  4. It seems like there might be some bugs to work out for this website. I just did a search for a work trip to Albuquerque that I have coming up this fall. The first three hotels I clicked on changed in miles or price from the search results when clicking through to the room details or booking pages. The first one dropped from 6,000 miles in the listing, to 4,000 on the room details page, and then to 3,000 by the time I was entering my personal info on the booking page. The second hotel dropped from 4,000 to 3,000 at that same point. The third hotel changed in price, increasing about $65 from the search results to the room details page.

  5. Where are you seeing 5000+ miles?

    I checked three random cities and I’m seeing 1 mile/$ or worse! Compared to the 2-3 miles/$ that you can get on eShopping this doesn’t seem so great.

    1. I see nothing obvious in the terms and conditions which prohibits someone booking a room for someone else while accruing the miles yourself, Christian

      …although I do wonder if this could possibly fall under the following clause of the Scope of our Service section of the terms and conditions:

      “Our Service is made available for personal and non-commercial use only. Therefore, you are not allowed to re-sell, deep-link, use, copy, monitor (e.g. spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, reservations, tickets, products or services available on our Platform for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.”

      Could booking a room for someone else so that you may earn the miles yourself be considered “commercial activity”?

  6. Just FYI… when is just checked room rates on this site. they were $400 more for a 3 night stay than on actual hotel website… that’s the real cost of the 30K airline bonus miles included… which are becoming harder to use anyway and not worth the cost of 1.3c/mile. Also, when booking through a third party website, you loose all elite membership perks as you technically didn’t make the reservation… something to consider!

    1. Those are good points, Steve H. Thank you for posting them.

      Unfortunately, it is shameful that otherwise reputable companies post special offers which cost more if you participate in them than if you did not — and do not disclaim that fact…

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