Earn Up to 1,500 Marriott Rewards Points by Connecting to Social Media

Y ou can earn up to 1,500 Marriott Rewards points by connecting to social media: simply connect your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles to your Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program account for 500 points each — which adds up to a total of 1,500 Marriott Rewards points — but you must do so by Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

Keeping Marriott Rewards Points From Expiring

If nothing has changed since this article which explained how you could have earned 500 Marriott Rewards points by following Marriott Rewards on Instagram this past June, earning Marriott Rewards points through social media programs — such as Instagram — does not extend the expiration of your points.

To retain your Marriott Rewards points and keep your account active, you must do one of the following at least once every two years:

  • Pay to stay at any of the greater than 5,000 participating hotel and resort properties worldwide — except for the ones which participate directly in the Starwood Preferred Guest program for now
  • Redeem Marriott Rewards points
  • Purchase Marriott Rewards points
  • Use your Marriott Rewards Credit Card for purchases every 24 months
  • Earn points with one of the program partners of Marriott Rewards
  • Hold a qualifying meeting or event — including earning points through the Rewarding Events Program

Terms and Conditions

Here are some of the other few terms and conditions of the other promotion which have not already been highlighted that most likely apply to this promotion as well:

  • This promotion is open to Marriott Rewards members who click and follow Marriott Rewards on Instagram.
  • In the e-mail message above, click the “follow” button to redirect to the Marriott Rewards Instagram account.
  • You can only earn the bonus one time for each e-mail address entered.
  • Miles cannot be earned instead of points for this promotion.


This offer is part of a promotion called 30 Days of Members Get It — although as a member, I really do not “get it”…

…and apparently, neither does Mike Friedman, according to this article he wrote at InsideFlyer: “This year, however, Marriott has ‘enhanced’ its holiday promotion. Instead of offering a few cool prizes, it has simply lumped together many existing programs or pointed out existing ways to earn or burn Marriott Rewards points. Instead of showing one new offer every day, which would get people to return to the site, they have lumped everything in one week. For example, the first week is titled ‘Get Holidazzled.’ I have no idea what that means or how it relates to the daily promotions, but there’s nothing new. One offer simply tells me to link my SPG and Marriott accounts. Another offers me holiday travel tips. I’m not sure how those tips holidazzle me, but telling me about the MegaBonus that I have already registered for doesn’t do it.”

I could not have said those thoughts any better myself.

Unless you do not mind being a member of Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, there is no reason why you should not participate in this promotion — but you must do so by Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

I am not a member of Instagram, Twitter or Facebook; so I will pass on this promotion.

You should receive the 1,500 bonus Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program points you earned within four weeks. It may not be all that much; but it is certainly better than nothing — and do not forget that you can convert them easily into 500 Starwood Preferred Guest points.

Source: Marriott International.

2 thoughts on “Earn Up to 1,500 Marriott Rewards Points by Connecting to Social Media”

  1. Patrick says:

    I signed up Monday morning and by Monday afternoon the points were in my account.
    That was fast.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I enjoy reading results such as the one from you, Patrick.

      Excellent — and thank you.

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