Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings

The Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An Idea thread is a thread which I launched that will hopefully assist more FlyerTalk members in attending gatherings of FlyerTalk members around the world.

The basic concept for this idea is simple: if there was some way one could work, either before or after attending a gathering of FlyerTalk members, then one could theoretically attend more of them more often. Perhaps a FlyerTalk member in the host location could scout a customer from his or her network of people that has a need for a product or service that a FlyerTalk member can fulfill.

If this is an idea in which you would like to actively participate, or if you have suggestions on how to improve this idea, by all means please post in the Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An Idea thread.

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    Hi people… πŸ™‚

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