Eclectic New JO&JOE Hospitality Brand Introduced by AccorHotels

T he eclectic new JO&JOE hospitality brand introduced by AccorHotels through this official announcement from AccorHotels will supposedly revolutionize — and even “disrupt” — the lodging industry; and it is expected to expand rapidly with the opening of properties in Paris and Bordeaux as soon as 2018 to as many as 50 properties opened by the year 2020 in locations such as Budapest, Warsaw, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Eclectic New JO&JOE Hospitality Brand Introduced by AccorHotels

Room rates at JO&JOE properties are expected to start at 25 euros per night. They are focused on being an economy brand for the demographic of people known as Millenials — generally individuals who are aged in their 20s and 30s — and will be located “in bustling city-center locations” which are convenient to public transportation while simultaneously being fewer than 15 minutes away from attractions and major points of interest. Food will be available from a menu where the prices start at ten euros; and the bar is expected to be central to the social experience.

Directly from the aforementioned press release is what to expect as part of the experience:

Happy House Showroom Sequana Paris. Source: AccorHotels.

Happy House Showroom Sequana Paris. Source: AccorHotels.

The Happy House — one example of which is shown at the top of this article — is a private area where “Tripsters” can relax, work, cook or wash their clothes, just like at home.

Together landscape. Source: AccorHotels.

Together landscape. Source: AccorHotels.

Together, which embodies the essence of the brand, is an ingenious modular sleeping area that guests share without sacrificing privacy. In addition to spacious beds, private lockers, reading lights and USB ports, guests have access to shared recreation areas and bathrooms.

JO&JOE Yours twin or double

Yours twin or double. Source: AccorHotels.

Yours consists of rooms and apartments for two to five people with a private bathroom and, depending on the format, a kitchen area. Ideal for small groups and families, the space offers a completely different look from a conventional hotel room thanks to originally shaped and extremely comfortable beds.

JO&JOE Mud Hut.

Mud Hut. Source: AccorHotels.

OOO! — or Out Of the Ordinary — offers unexpected accommodation for people traveling alone or in groups of up to six people. Different at each JO&JOE venue, these original formats include yurts, hammock and caravans and ensure guests have unforgettable experience.


The press release refers to JO&JOE properties as venues and not hotels; and the experience evokes the sense that JO&JOE properties are a hybrid of hotel and hostel — which is an interesting concept…

…and the funny thing is that I am totally undecided. I have stayed in a few hostels in my lifetime, as they are typically cheap, utilitarian — and anything but private; but if the concept was combined with enough privacy and beyond utilitarian while keeping the room rate low enough, I might be tempted to actually try it out, as I do not always need a suite with access to an executive lounge.

Time will only tell to prove as to whether or not the JO&JOE concept is successful — as well as whether or not you or I would consider staying at one.

I suppose I will have to actually see it to help me decide — but they really could have chosen a better name for this concept…

Source: AccorHotels.

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