Egypt Visa Fee Increase of 140 Percent Postponed Until July

A fter Ed — who is a reader of The Gateposted in the Comments section of this article pertaining to the increase by 140 percent of the cost of visa fees for visitors to Egypt that “Egypt has decided to postpone the decision to raise the fees for visas to Egypt until July, instead of March”, the source from which I received information for that article had not yet posted this article written by Al-Masry Al-Youm that the proposed increase will indeed not occur until July.

Egypt Visa Fee Increase of 140 Percent Postponed Until July

This means that there is still time for you to travel to Egypt and pay the visa fee of $25.00 instead of $60.00 if you are a citizen of the United States.

That increase may not sound like much; but just look at the rates of three Hilton resort properties in Hurghada — Hilton Hurghada Plaza; Hilton Hurghada Resort; and Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort — when checking in on the completely random date of Wednesday, March 8, 2017 and checking out on Tuesday, March 14, 2017:

rates at the three Hilton resort properties in Hurghada

Standard rates at the three Hilton resort properties in Hurghada. Source: Hilton.

You read those rates correctly: as low as $44.00 per night — and not only are there no resort fees; but the rate includes taxes.

rates at the three Hilton resort properties in Hurghada

American Automobile Association rates at the three Hilton resort properties in Hurghada. Source: Hilton.

With the American Automobile Association rate, you can pay as little as $43.00 per night total.


Two of the three aforementioned Hilton resorts are all-inclusive — meaning that meals, snacks, beverages and many activities are included in the rate — which is perfect for the traveler who is budget-conscious; and for a few extra dollars, the third resort property can become all-inclusive…

…and although spending an extra $35.00 per person on visa fees hardly dilutes the potential bargains one can enjoy in Egypt, it can make a difference and may cause some travelers to postpone — or entirely skip — visiting a country which really needs tourist dollars.

By the way, I have stayed at all three Hilton resorts. Although they will probably be two years old by the time I post them, I have every intention of writing articles — with plenty of photographs, of course — pertaining to my experiences.

Despite the postponement of the increase in the cost of the visa, I still believe that this is a bad move for Egypt, in my opinion — but if you are still interested in visiting Egypt despite the increase in visa fees, here is a series of articles pertaining to my experiences in that country — and I still have more articles which I need to write and post in the future:

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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3 thoughts on “Egypt Visa Fee Increase of 140 Percent Postponed Until July”

  1. Ed says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the higher fees actually going into effect. Egypt has a tendency to announce outlandish proposals and then rescind them after public outcries.

    Egypt needs foreign investment and tourism…badly…especially after floating the currency and inflation at an all time high. They may eventually raise visa fees IF they see that tourism starts to pick up again. I wouldn’t bet on that anytime soon though…

  2. John D says:

    Have you visited any of the Hilton properties in Sharm-El-Sheikh? The Hilton Sharks Bay Resort in particular? I am planning to spend a few nights there and would love to see a trip review. Thanks

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I originally was going to visit the Hilton resorts at Sharm-El-Sheikh, John D; but there was no easy way to get there from Hurghada.

      That would have required literally driving around the northern portion of the Red Sea — a trip which would have consumed greater than eight hours.

      I cannot imagine those resort properties being all that different from the ones in Hurghada, which I intend on reviewing with plenty of photographs.

      Please stay tuned…

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