Electric Toothbrush Temporarily Closes Portion of the Busiest Airport in the World

A buzzing sound emanating from a piece of checked baggage led to a bomb scare, which resulted in a portion of the North Terminal baggage claim at the international airport in Atlanta to be cordoned off for greater than 30 minutes while the bag was being investigated.
The cause of that buzzing sound was an electric toothbrush.
Service on the Red and Yellow lines to the airport station — which is the last stop of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA — was interrupted as well.
The following is a video report of the incident by WSB-TV — also known as Channel 2 Action News — in Atlanta:

When employees of AirTran Airways heard the suspicious sound, they reported it — although I would not be surprised if their teeth were clenched in the process.
While I would not necessarily give them a plaque for following the drill of ensuring safety, officials reportedly commended them for reporting the noise and bracing themselves against a possible security threat. Passengers were probably at a floss as to the reason for the sudden shutdown.
Although one FlyerTalk member was nearly inconvenienced on his way to work, others both joke about — as well as criticize — this incident.
Whenever I travel with an electric toothbrush — or virtually any portable electronic apparatus or device, for that matter — I usually remove the battery to preserve its charge and to prevent against corrosion inside of the device should the battery be faulty. However, there is now yet another reason to remove the batteries from your devices before traveling.
By the way, I am in no way related to the person who was interviewed in the video report.

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