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Electronic Devices Strictly Prohibited To and From the United States Aboard Royal Jordanian Airlines

E lectronic devices strictly prohibited to and from the United States — with the exception of mobile telephones and essential medical devices — will be effective as of tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21, 2017, according to the official Twitter account of Royal Jordanian Airlines.

This means that customers who have already purchased tickets for affected flights are left with few options with this sudden new policy — which was announced with little advance warning; and in some cases, fewer than 24 hours notice — and whether or not cancellations, refunds or itinerary changes will be permitted without fees on restrictive tickets is unknown at this time.

Text of the “Tweet”

Here is the complete text of the “tweet” to be preserved in case it is eventually deleted for whatever reason:

Following instructions from the concerned US departments, we kindly inform our dearest passengers departing to and arriving from the United States that carrying any electronic or electrical device on board the flight cabins is strictly prohibited.

Cellular phones and medical devices needed during the flight are excluded from the ban.

Prohibited devices, including for instance laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players and electronic games… etc, can be carried in the checked baggage only.

This announcement is effective starting with March 21, 2017, and the instructions will be applied on the New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal flights, the last two destinations served by a combined flight.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you pleasant flights on board RJ.


There is no definitive reason revealed at this time as to what can be considered dramatic measures — or, perhaps, a political statement — but I personally refuse to fly as a passenger on an airline which will not allow me to use portable electronic devices while aboard one of their airplanes on a transatlantic long-haul flight…

…and I certainly would not place laptop computers or other valuable equipment in checked luggage, as there is a good possibility of it being damaged or stolen. In fact, I rarely check bags at all whenever I travel. Does this mean that every passenger who carries portable electronic devices when he or she travels must now check baggage in order to continue to carry them on flights operated by Royal Jordanian Airlines?

No thanks to any of that. I intend to avoid patronizing any airline which implements such a draconian policy — which is worse than the restrictive liquid policy in some respects, in my opinion — regardless of the reason…

Photograph ©2014 by Brian Cohen.

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